Rules of Zadacha

by Grandmaster Sergej Yushkewitch (Oekra´ne)


Modern (contemporary) ZADACHA is the position, from which, during following play, appear two (or more) variants, every of which is finished in economical final position with that number of Black pieces blocked, which is indicated in the task.

Requirements are as following:

  1. It should be presented as minimum two variants which must be finished by different final positions.
  2. BO in solution is admissible.
  3. As BO is considered the case if in final position there are blocked more pieces than it is indicated in the task.
  4. The final position of variant should be economical: without superfluous white piece(s) which is not necessary for blockade of black piece(s).
  5. First move of the solution must be sharp. In following moves it is possible not sharp moves, but it lows very much the quality of Zadacha.

The notion of "oneconomical afgeven" does not exist in ZADACHA.

It may be said that there are two general directions in genre:

Combinational(like in Problems) solution and positional (like in Etudes) solution par exellence.

Also sometimes is used the mixt.

As a rule the division of the solution in variants begins after first move of White, but sometimes it is impossible (to pass move to Black after first move).

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