Eric van Dusseldorp x Phen Kosilar - 5th of March 2009, Amphur Phen, Thailand






In love (June 2008 till...)

We made trips to her family in Nong Khai and to Chang Mai, Laos and Penang (Malaysia). 


Morlam festival
In October 2008 we organized a Morlam festival (live Thai folk and pop music) for Pens family, her friends and the whole neighbourhood.


Wedding card


Preparations for the wedding (3-4 March 2009)

A Thai marriage is not possible without slaughtering a cow. 


Our wedding (5 March 2009)

An unforgettable day: marrying for Buddha.


Our honeymoon (7-12 March 2009)
Of course in Bali, where else?


 Our house in Phen
A specious house in the Isan, between Nong Khai and Udon Thani.


I met Phen Kosilar in the beginning of June 2008 at the beach in Jomtien, Thailand. She was working there for her brother-in-law and she rented beach chairs and sold food and drinks like coconut juice. And what did I do at the beach? Yes, laying in a chair, nipping from a coconut.


A few days later I met her in a famous big bar with live music and dance. App. 11 o'clock in the evening she came there with friends for drinking and having fun and she recognized me immediately. We talked and had fun. In the following days we met each other many times and after a week she came to my condo and then our relationship started.


The next day we went to Koh Larn, a beautiful little island in front of the coast of Jomtien. She had never been there. Two days later, we took a taxi to Korat, but there was nothing to do. A bit like Almelo in my country The Netherlands. We only had each other, but that was enough.

And then I had to go back to The Netherlands. I gave her the key of my condo, and from that moment a life with more luxury than she was known started for her: air conditioning, hot water, a swimming pool...


In that time I used to go only two times a year to Thailand, so my next holiday was planned in December. But I changed my plans and only for her I came in the beginning of October again to country of the smile. She invited me to her family in Nong Khai, a small city at the meandering Mekhong river in the very north of the Isan province. We organized a Morlam festival (see the link at the right site of this page) and maybe 150 people, invited or not invited, enjoyed the music and the drinks. After visiting her family we went to the beautiful country of Laos, where we had very nice days.


In December I came back to Thailand and Phen and we decided to marry. We made a trip to Malaysia en had some pretty days there. Nevertheless Phen was not very satisfied about that country. And indeed, Thailand is better and maybe even the best land in the world to live, if you have some money. We decided that our future is in Thailand and not in my country The Netherlands.


In February 2009 we bought a big house in the Isan, between Nong Khai and Udon Thani, for an unbelievable low price. After my retirement we will live there permanently.

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Thai don't have much fantasy in inventing names.

My darling Phen lives in a village named Phen. This village belongs to subdistrict Phen which belongs to the main district Phen.

In a village like Phen everybody knows each other, so if I send a letter to Phen, Phen, Phen, Phen, Thailand, there is a big chance that this letter will arrive correctly.