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Welcome to Eric's international draughts & checkers site!


Press 'Auto' (or >) and check it out!. Isn't it cool? 

Checkers (or draughts) is played in a variety of ways in the world. Best known is 10 x 10 international draughts (on 100 fields), which is played in Europe, the whole former Sowjet-Union, Africa, Brasil and the Caribbean. Wouldn't it be great if everyone learned how to play international draughts, so we can play the same game everywhere in the world. Like chess!

International draughts is especially interesting because there is a big battlefield (100 fields!), a 'long' king and a man has to beat not only forwards, but also backwards. And... majority capture precedes. Combinations can be awesome.

If you want to know the exact rules of international draughts, please follow the link 'Rules (in English)', but don't forget to bookmark this page and please visit again!  

Unfortunately this site is mainly in Dutch, but with the Damweb applet you will be able to see the animations. You only need to press on 'auto' or '>'.

'Weekly articles' are in Dutch. But you can follow the notation and the Damweb animations. 

'100 own draughts problems' contains 80 problems and 20 endgames of mine.

'Best draughts problems' contains a couple of very exciting problems by the most famous draughts problem constructors in the world. Every constructor has his own page.

'How to beat 11 men' is a curiosity: In a position construated from the beginning position (so a 'normal' position') I once construated a combination where in the end one man beats eleven men. It is a real world record!

Also curious is 'a man through 3 rows'. 

I hope you will enjoy my site! If you have comments, please e-mail me.


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Endgame contest 'Israel 2012', solutions and remarks

Fifth personal world championship of problems (PWCP-V): big and giant problems: compositions and solutions

Fifth personal world championship of problems (PWCP-V): big and giant problems

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New website drs. J.C.R. Bus

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