International checkers world records (7)

61. Biggest collection draughts articles in newspapers

Maybe Cees van der Ruit from The Netherlands. He possesses almost everything.

62. Draughts magazine published in the biggest amount

Probably Het Damspel, the free magazine of the (Dutch) Koninklijke Nederlandse Dambond, with, in the first part of the eighties, an amount of 10.600.
Another candidate is the former Russian draughts magazine
Sjasjki, with 8x8 (Russian) and 10x10 (international) draughts. A big potential, but the magazine was not free and I think it didn't have so many readers as Het Damspel.

63. Draughts magazine published in the smallest amount

Maybe 'Tijd voor problemen' (Dec. 1977 - Febr. 1979) published by two Dutch draughts problem constuctors: mr. G.W. Zonneveld and mr. D. Vuurboom. There was, in that period, a fight in the world of draughts problem constructors and Zonneveld&Vuurboom started their own magazine. But they didn't have friends so the magazine didn't have much more readers than Zonneveld&Vuurboom theirselves. 

64. Oldest 10x10 draughts board 

A draughts board from 1696, saved in a museum in Hoorn, The Netherlands. At one site of the board you can play (if you want!) the old mill game, the other site is the 10x10 draughts board. 

65. Top players in 10x10 international draughts/checkers use to play many draws against each other. That's a fact. Who is the most persistant person who wanted to change the game itself with the purpose to minimize the draws?

Herman Hoogland from The Netherlands, the world champion from 1912 till 1925. He introduced in 1923 a new way to play international draughts. In his opinion the king has to change: partly a 'normal' king, partly a 'Frisian' king. In that situation 2 kings beat one king.
Until his death in 1956 he promoted the new way to play with a new federation and an own magazine. After his death his ideas vanished like dust in the wind. 
See also the link
'Vernietig het remisevirus ?!' (but... in Dutch)

66. Oldest player who is member of a draughts club (16-8-2002) (Dutch record)

D. van der Pol from Naaldwijk. Born on 14 August 1908, member of DV Naaldwijk.

67. Youngest player who is member of a draughts club (16-8-2002) (Dutch record)

S. Schaafsma from Wekerom. Born on 18 July 2002, member of DES Lunteren. 

68. Oldest player who was champion of his club (Dutch record)

J.H. Meure, 86 years old, was the club champion in 2000 of  HDC (Haarlemsche Damclub) 

69. Longest time member of one club (Dutch record)

J.H. Meure was in 2002 66 years member of HDC.

70. Highest rating (from the World Draughts Assocation)

In 2003: Alexander Georgiew (Russia): 2472 points. Second and third: Alexej Tjizjow (Russia): 2471 points and Ton Sijbrands (The Netherlands): 2463 points.   
Highest rated lady: Zoja Golubewa (Latvya): 2371 points.

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