International checkers world records (2)

11. Least evident world champion

Iser Koeperman (Soviet-Union, nowadays United States of America) in 1974. He didn't need to play because there was no opponent.

12. Oldest (10x10) draughts club that still exists

Constant, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, founded in 1899.

13. World record playing draughts simultaneously

Jos Stokkel, Dutch international Grandmaster, played against 251 players on 6 November 2010 in Hengelo, The Netherlands. His score was 81,67% and the duration was 17 h 46 m.

14.  World record playing draughts simultaneously with a roulation system.

Harm Wiersma, The Netherlands, in 1983 in Amsterdam. 

He played 428 games. Only 50 draws and 5 losses.

15. World record playing draughts simultaneously in a blind session

Ton Sijbrands
played on 19-21 of December 2014 in Hilversum 'blind' against 32 opponents. His score (71,9%) was more than the limit of the FMJD (70%). 
See also nr. 77 and 78 (Italian draughts and checkers)!

16. World record playing draughts and chess simultaneously in a combination

Jannes van der Wal on 23 June 1996 in Stadskanaal against 85 spelers. He lossed 2 games against a draughts player and 2 games against a chess player. And he played draw against 3 draughts players and 2 chess players. Jannes won the rest.

17. Oldest (and rarest!) draughts book

A book of Torquemada (Spain, Malaga, 1547). A book about Spanish draughts.

18. Oldest notation of a international draughts game

G. Grégoire - A. Verhaeren (1877). Two players from Belgium
Wit: G. Grégoire - Zwart: A. Verhaeren


19. Longest game (in moves)

The duration of a game is normally 50-65 moves. In a extreme situation 100 moves of more.

The 3 longest (official) games:
D. van Os - M. Meijer: 137 moves (1-1)
2. O. Drenth - H. van der Zee: 136 moves (1-1)
3. Herman Meijer - M. Visser: 128 moves (1-1)

The longest game:
White: D. van Os - Black: M. Meijer


The longest game that not resulted in a draw: E. Bronstring - F. Luteyn.
Bronstring defeated Luteyn in 1980 in 122 moves.

20. Biggest difference in strongness between 2 players.

World Championship 1968.

Russian player Iser Koeperman, at that moment the player with the highest ranking in the world, against G. Feldl from Austria, the weakest player ever. Play and astonish!
White: G. Feldl - Black: I. Koeperman


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