International checkers world records (5)

41. Player who will never learn the Haarlemmer move

B. Heringa from The Netherlands played, on 26 July 1990, in Nijmegen Open tournament a game against G. Smits: 1. 32-28, 18-23; 2. 37-32,... 
Exactly one day later he produced the same moves. This time W. van de Velde was the lucky man.

42. Oldest international draughts problem constructor

Perhaps G. Silo (1911-) from Lithuania. He composed the next position in 2001.



43. Youngest international draughts problem constructor

Eran Binenbaum from The Netherlands published his own compositions when he was 9 years old in the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool.

D. Nikolajev from Russia seems to be the youngest winner of a problemist contest. When he was 10 years old he won Lithuania open 2001 with the next composition. 


After (21x43) follows 11x2 (43-49) 33-29! and 2x38 etc. 

44. Biggest draughts problem

Max Douwes from The Netherlands made this one.



45. Biggest draughts problem with only pieces (no kings!) in the starting position

The discussion is current.

A. Miedema from Londen (England) made this very nice 19x19 on an idea of Max Douwes.


Once I composed an 18x21. Black starts with 3 pieces more. Not so nice of course.


Leo Faber from the Netherlands has made this problem with 20 white and 21 black pieces. Is this, at the moment, the world record?
In 99,99% of the draughts problems white starts to move, not to beat. In this composition white starts immediately to beat. OK, or not?


46. Smallest draughts problem

This 'double' position of R.C. Keller (The Netherlands)
White starts to move and wins
Black starts to move and white wins


V. Nicod (from France) and E.J.B. van Vught (from The Netherlands) composed this little one. This position has many variants. Here you see the main varaint.


47. Most kings in one draughts problem (from a position without a king)

Ir. J. Viergever from The Netherlands made this problem with six kings.



48. Most beats of a black king in one problem

Siep Korteling from The Netherlands made this problem. The black king has to beat seven times.



49. Throwing away and back the black king

Hein Wilsens from The Netherlands made this curious construction.



50. Most kings in an artificial game.

Adri van Outheusden and Hans Vissers (both from Holland) construated an artificial game that ended in 39 kings. It seems that the ideal maximum (40 kings) is not possible. The length of the game is 459 moves. Do you have time today? Please press on auto.


A fantastic world record!

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