International checkers world records (6)

51. Oldest 10x10 international draughts site on Internet

Maybe the Dutch site Damweb  (1995)

52. Draughts site (10x10 international) with the most visitors 

Almost sure the site of Koninklijke Nederlandse Dambond that has a daily average of 400 pageviews.   

53. Biggest draughts site

Draughts in Russia
A site with daily new information about 10x10 (international draughts) and 8x8 (Russian draughts).

54. Damsite with the most links

Dam Ring
More than 600 links. Some of them don't work anymore. 

55. Draught player with the most e-mail addresses from other draughts players

Bertus de Harder ('Lubbert de Dammer'). More than 600.

56. Draughts site translated in the most languages

Erics Damsite. At the moment (partly) in 13 languages

57. Most played variety of draughts online on Internet.

Checkers. At every moment of the day more than 1000 games. 

58. Strongest 10x10 draughts computer program

Truus, Flits, Buggy? Or... Dam 2.2., the winner of the last Olympics. I don't know.

59. First computer program that has beaten a world champion

Truus (with white against Tsjizjow in a rapid game in 1992 in Cannes).


60. Biggest database with draughts games

Turbo Dambase (author: Klaas Bor from The Netherlands). More than 250.000 games from the period 1875-2002.
On Pascal Stil's site dampartijen (international checker games), you can see 6482 games using an applet.

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